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Welcome to Serpentine!

Serpentine is an addictive online word game where you and others see who can form words the fastest. The best part is, you get a new puzzle every couple minutes! If you've played Tangleword or Boggle, then you'll be right at home, if not, you can look at our How To Play page. You may play in any room as a guest without registering, though registering allows you to build up a reputation and rating.

(13 players)

Board Size: 6, Minimum # of Letters: 5, Round Length: 3m
This room is for players who want more letters to play with!

(5 players)

Board Size: 5, Minimum # of Letters: 4, Round Length: 2m
This is one of our most popular rooms and is a good challenge for a beginner to intermediate player.

(1 players)

Board Size: 5, Minimum # of Letters: 6, Round Length: 2m
This room will challenge the best of players with its six letter minimum and 5x5 board,

(0 players)

Board Size: 4, Minimum # of Letters: 3, Round Length: 4m, Unrated
Spend some time improving your skills. No pressure!

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Mostly behind the scenes update this morning - By: Adam Plumb - almost 11 months ago
Hi All, some of you may have noticed the servers restarting this morning, and that is because I was making some improvements to how rooms were handled. Also, I've been wanting to make some rule changes for a while.

First, the rule changes:

  • Now, when you enter a game after it has started, you won't get rated for that game. So you can start playing right away and not worry about what happens!
  • Hatching now happens after five games instead of ten. This only affects new players, but I think the quicker hatching will be nice so people don't have to wait quite so long to get rated, but still have some practice time.

  • The other changes are mostly behind the scenes, but are laying the groundwork for SerpentineMobile and for some fun new features like "Room of the Day".

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    Minor snafu with the server - By: Adam Plumb - about 11 months ago
    We had a little glitch with the server this afternoon that caused Serpentine to be unavailable for about an hour or so, but the problem has been resolved now and the game should be active for everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    A more engaging input experience - By: Adam Plumb - about 11 months ago
    After feeling somewhat disengaged by the word entering experience, I've spent the past few days working on an overhaul. The overhaul incorporates two changes that I'm really excited about. First, and most importantly, it gives you instant visual feedback telling you how you're doing in the current round. That is done with the red-to-blue temperature meter that shows you how many points you are expected to gain/lose this round. The second change provides better feedback about the last word you entered and what the result was.

    A picture tells a thousand words:

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    New Facebook Share and Like Buttons - By: Adam Plumb - about 11 months ago
    You may have noticed some new Facebook buttons showing up around the site. I've set up some custom actions for Serpentine that you can use to share with your Facebook friends. You can share achievements you've earned and you can also share which rooms you're playing in. That way your Facebook friends can come directly into the room to play with you. I've also scattered some Like buttons around, and these are just general buttons you can use to rate your experience here. I hope these buttons aren't too invasive, let me know if they're giving you any trouble.

    Also, if you haven't yet, please join the Serpentine Community on Facebook. It helps get the word out about Serpentine and gives us all a place to congregate outside of this site.

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    A New Look and Facebook - By: Adam Plumb - about 11 months ago
    You may have noticed an updated look, which is the result of some work I've been doing to get Serpentine playable on different screen sizes. It's also my attempt to further refine and enhance the look of the site and of the game. There is a lot less green now and a bit more blue, which should be pleasing.

    Also new is new tabs in the game that let you see Recent Winners and your Recent Achievements, along with some visual tweaks to the game. I hope you guys like these!

    Finally, I want to thank RosaKiana for putting up her Facebook page some time ago! We have an official Facebook Page now and even an official Facebook app, so you can play Serpentine from within Facebook. There is still some Facebook integration that needs to be finalized, but we're in good shape. If you can find some time, please go to the Facebook page and like or share it. Thanks!

    FYI, for existing users with a Facebook account, you can link your Serpentine account to your Facebook account by clicking on your name in the top-right and click the big button that says "Link Account with Facebook". I'll take care of the rest.

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    A week older, a week wiser - By: Adam Plumb - almost 12 months ago
    It has been an exciting first week out of the gate living with our new design and overhaul, and while it has been a little bit bumpy at times, I think Serpentine is in a really good position to keep improving and succeed.

    The biggest issue Serpentine has had this week is having rooms crash, and I thought we were out of the woods with that stuff until last night when some of the rooms stopped working. Writing highly available multi-threaded servers is not an easy task, and in some ways I'm learning as I go, so please bear with me for a little while longer as I figure this stuff out.

    How are people finding their Premium Accounts? I haven't gotten much feedback on what people think of the friends lists, whispering, custom rooms, and room invites, though it does seem like at least some people are using those features. Please let me know if you're having any issues or if you have suggestions, as I would like to make these features as useful and rock-solid as they can be.

    So what is coming down the pipeline? Right now I am about 75% of the way through with Facebook integration. What that means is you'll be able to link your Serpentine account to your Facebook account, and folks new to the site will be able to log in directly with their Facebook accounts. Once logged in, you'll be able to Like Rooms and Share your Achievements with your friends on Facebook. I'm really excited for this functionality as I think it is going to bring in new players and open up Serpentine to a larger audience.

    Have a great week!

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    Notice anything different around here? - By: Adam Plumb - almost 12 months ago
    That's right, Serpentine has been completely overhauled and improved! Hopefully you will feel that most of the changes are for the better, but I want to hear your feedback, so let me know how you feel. The first change I want you to notice is that you'll now use to get here instead of Second, just take a look around and get comfortable with the new digs.

    This monumental change has been brought about by my desire to improve the Serpentine experience in order to acquire more traffic and more players. To do this, I've streamlined the process of jumping into a game (no need to register, just click "Start Playing" and you'll be logged in as a guest), and I've also put a lot of work into making the new player experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. The biggest change in this regard is how new players get their ratings. Newly registered players will start off with a rating of 0, then after playing ten games they will "hatch" and will be rewarded with a certain number of rating points the game thinks is appropriate. What this means is that rather than starting everyone at 1200 by default, and having to watch your rating get decimated game after game, you'll start at an appropriate level and work your way up! Another addition is the Achievement system, which rewards you for certain actions, such as getting a long word, winning a round, or any number of other things. You can see other players' achievements and they can see yours, and you can even show them off if you want.

    However, the biggest change to the change is Premium Accounts, which gives you lots of additional social features that will both make your experience here more fun and engaging, but also help to directly support this game, which keeps me and my family fed. Premium Accounts cost a small amount each month (they are not necessary to play Serpentine), but if you spend any length of time here, you're going to want to get in on this! What you get for your money is a completely ad-free experience, the ability to make friends, make your own custom Serpentine rooms, send whisper chats to friends, and invite players to your games (and this list will grow over time).

    One final thing about Premium Accounts. Many of you have been incredibly generous over the years and your donations have helped keep Serpentine afloat! That's why, anyone who has ever donated gets one free month as a Premium Account member. Anyone that has donated $25 or more gets six months free. And for the three people who have donated more than $50, Doris Bryant, Nick Yuran, and Faye Kyle, you're getting free lifetime Premium Accounts!

    I'm very excited for this phase of Serpentine and to see how things work out, so please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback on anything, including the new site design, or game tweaks you think might make the game more enjoyable. Also, please bear with me for a few days as I iron out any kinks in the new design and game, as there will most likely be a few.


    Note: For the people who starting trying to login right away, there was an issue with the login system that I've found and fixed, but unfortunately you will need to reset your password in order to login. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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    An update on upcoming changes - By: Adam Plumb - about 12 months ago
    Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback in my last post, there were a bunch of really good ideas there that I will consider. I don't want to leave people hanging though, so here's an update.

    Serpentine has always been a hobby for me, and once I finished it and was happy with how it came out I have pretty much left it alone. I have to pay for the server I host the game on, and I pay for the domain name, but the advertisements and donations people have generously provided me have been able to pay for those costs with a small amount left over. I think a lot of us have been happy with the status quo, and maybe some here would like it to stay the same forever. And I could leave things alone, but I have a lot of ideas, and the ability to make those ideas a reality. What I haven't had was the time and energy to execute on those ideas once my regular work week was over.

    I've made a leap of faith and am leaving my full-time job (I will still do part time consulting work for now) and I'm going to see what I can accomplish if I make Serpentine my full time job.

    I have lots of ideas on how to make Serpentine better, and I will share those with you soon, but I want everyone to know that my main goal will always be to provide the same core experience that you already have. Serpentine will always be free to play and will always be the fast-paced and competitive game you know it today, but I'll be making changes to it to make it more engaging and easier for new players to pick up. I'll also be adding goodies for those of you who have been around a while, to keep you interested. And there will be a complete website redesign that will better let me leverage my ideas and make them a reality.

    In closing, I'm excited about what the next few months are going to look like! You can look forward to some more news and updates in the next few weeks.

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    How can this site be improved? - By: Adam Plumb - almost 13 months ago
    Hey guys, I'm motivated to improve Serpentine to make it more welcoming to new players. I am amazed and appreciative to all of the people who have decided to spend their time with Serpentine these past few years, and I really would like to make your experience better. I've also noticed that a lot of people who are new to Serpentine can be intimidated by the high level of competitive play, and I would like to figure out a way that we can be more welcoming.

    One area I was thinking about making a change is how the rating system is shown to players. For instance, when many new players start their first game and their rating immediately plummets, many decide quickly that the game is too hard for them and they leave. I would really like to soften this experience somehow, but I'm not sure yet how to do it.

    I'd love to hear some more feedback along these lines, as well as ideas for new games you'd like to play or variations on Serpentine. Here are some ideas from the Suggestion Box forum that I'm already considering:

  • Rotate word board with space bar
  • Add 4m/30s room
  • Add 1m/30s room
  • Add room with 6x6, 6 letters
  • Highlight the letters people are typing!
  • Add whisper chat
  • Link to from word list
  • Don't allow boards with less than 5 words

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    Christmas outage is over - By: Adam Plumb - almost 16 months ago
    Hi everyone, sorry for the outages we've been having the past couple of days. I visited yesterday and it seemed to be running smoothly for me, but then I came back today and it was totally down. It should be back up and running now though. Have fun!

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